To the end..

On the day of their wedding, like any other bride, she walked down the aisle with her sister and cousins on either sides.

He, dressed in traditional dhoti kurta as any other groom, was astonished to see her. He knew, she is pretty but that day, she looked like a goddess. He wanted to act shy but his eyes were glued to her on their own accord. With her every approaching step, his heartbeats were racing fast. When she stepped on the stage, he couldn’t stop himself and went down on his knees. Everyone was amazed with the unfolding scene.

I know, this is not a love marriage, but, before we come into this agreement of marriage, there is something I want to tell you.

What?” her voice shattered. She was imagining all the possible reasons he could give to cancel this wedding. She thought her revelation about her past just before the day of wedding would bring shame to her and her family….

4 Months ago

Manya, a hardworking architect , lived in a hostel for working women. She visited her family every weekend. From the last year or so, her parents were searching an eligible groom for her. When they found one, they decided to let the two meet and decide if they like each other.

So, a meeting was conducted where Manya and Samarth, a banker and an eligible groom (at least for now), saw each other. When given an opportunity to talk, they wandered off to a comparatively remote table. But, both were too shy to say anything.

Do you think, past matters?” Manya asked to break the awkward silence.

As long as it is not harmful, past doesn’t matter.” Samarth replied with a smile.

What if it is unwanted but hurting at the same time?

Well, we can cure it. There is a solution to every problem.

Before they could exchange more words, they were called by their families. Both the families seemed impressed with each other. Both were given some time to think and after a week, it was decided to officially announce their marriage.

After the announcement party, they exchanged their numbers to know each other better before the wedding. They started sharing things about their day, family, friends, office, school, college etc.

Things were smooth until the day before the wedding, Manya decided to reveal the truth, she was holding in for long. She didn’t want to start this new journey with any latent phase.

Hi, I know, I shouldn’t be telling you this like this, through message. Honestly, I don’t know, if I am doing a right thing or not but what I know is that I cannot start a new chapter of my life without revealing to you about a hidden chapter. I decided not to say anything about this to anyone till my death but I guess, I should be honest with you. So, here I am.

This is about me and my ex boyfriend. We were in college, first year, when we started dating. He proposed me and we were pretty serious about our relationship. Everyone thought we would last forever, even we believed we would.

We dated for 6 long years, faced many ups and downs together but things went downhill when my parents decided to get me married. He told his family about me, I met them and they were quite happy for me and their son. They really liked me a lot but when I told my parents about him, they refused. Infact, they refused to even meet him for once. I tried to get things on track but all efforts went in vain. I didn’t want to hurt their feelings, so, we, unwillingly, part our ways.

Even on the day of his wedding, his brother asked me if I wanted to get back with him. He told me that he would stop the wedding ceremony but I never wanted to let my parents down. So, I declined.

I never talked to him again but before I met you, there were days when I wanted to call or message him, talk to him, I terribly missed him but my parents’ image always held me back.

The day, we met, I asked you if the past mattered. I still don’t know, if that mattered. But, what I know is, after meeting you, it still hurts but less.

Manya sent the message to Samarth but didn’t get any reply. Being extremely busy with the big day’s preparation, she didn’t get the time to check what Samarth answered. Did this really bothered him, will he accept her or….




Samarth’s voice brought her out of her train of thoughts. He was not on his knees anymore, rather standing and waving his hand in front of her.

What did u say?” Manya was nervous and confused now. ‘What was happening?’she thought.

Manya, before we proceed further, I want to tell you something.

With this, Samarth, again went down on his knees but this time, he was holding her hands.

Past doesn’t matter and if it’s still hurting, don’t worry, we will find the solution together. I don’t know how and when this happened but I am sure that this is true. I love you…

Will you hold my hand and walk with me to the end?

Manya stood there gaping at Samarth, her brain was still registering the words. Overwhelmed with the emotions, tears rolled down her eyes.

Manya, answer him.” nudged her sister.

Ohh.. Yes…. Thank you Samarth. Yes, I will.. I will.. no, we will walk together to the end.


Hello everyone!

Thank you for stopping by and reading these musings. I am grateful for your love and support.

May the beautiful gleaming lamps of Diwali brighten your life making it a better place to live. A very happy and prosperous Diwali.

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