Will you accept ?

Dear Hardik,

Hey ! How are you ?

I know, this sounds stupid, I mean, I meet you everyday.. Silly me !!

I have written this letter to ask you something because I am not daring enough to ask you this directly.

I clearly remember the first time I saw you. I came to your house with Suruchi after college to complete our project. You were there, sitting on the sofa, playing a video game with your friends. I was dumbstruck for few seconds but you didn’t even look at us, you were so engrossed. Later that night, I could feel something tingling in my stomach.

Gradually, I saw you often, sometimes, at your home and sometimes, in college, when you used to come to pick Suruchi up. Your presence always made me feel butterflies in the pit of my stomach.. The short drives with you helped me to know you better.

I agree, we have different opinions and I totally, respect yours.
But, at the same time, I have realized that I like you, a lot.. I don’t know if we have future or not. But, it is certain that I want to spend my present with you..

I want to hold your hand and never let you go..

So, Will you accept me and give a special place in your heart ??


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