Lost Love ?

It’s painful to say goodbye to someone that you don’t want to let go. But, it’s really painful to ask someone to stay if you know they really want to go…

Every morning, I try to keep these words in my mind but at the end of the day, the pain of break up comes flashing in my mind, refreshing all the memories of “heartbreaking goodbye.” It’s been six months now.. My friends often tell me to move on but I can’t. She was the most beautiful thing happened in my life.

I met Adisha two years back in a coaching institute, when I was in class 11th. That day, I entered late in the classroom and beseated myself on the only empty seat, I found. It was beside a pretty girl. I was too shy to ask her name. Later, teacher told me to borrow notes from Adisha as I was lagging behind due to late joining. After enquiring from some students, I got to know that the pretty girl I sat with was Adisha and she was the topper of her school. But, they warned me about her arrogant nature.

After few days, one of my tutor gave me a number, it was Adisha’s, and asked me to talk to her about notes. In the evening, I called Adisha and she was ready to help.

The process of exchanging notes started and soon, I got to know her little. She wasn’t that much arrogant but never initiated conversation with people.

The following week, she was continuously absent for days. I was worried, so, I called her.

Hi,” said I.

Hey, do u need any help?” She asked coming directly to the point.

No, I don’t need any help.

So, why did you bother to call me?

God!! Why is she being so difficult?‘ thought I.

It’s been few days and you aren’t coming to the class, so, I was, kind of, umm.. worried about you…. Are you fine?” I told her honestly.

Oh!! Well, I am fine now, thank you for your concern,” she said politely.

So… I was wondering, when will you come back?

Tomorrow or may a day after it, bye..

Bye. Take care” and our conversation ended..

Gradually, we started spending time together. I liked her. She was unique.
During winter break, I asked her if she would like to date me and to my luck, she agreed. I was the happiest boy that day…

We started spending more time together. Walking her home, watching movies, studying and playing together became our routine. In coaching institute, we were, like, inseparable. Everything was going smooth as if, it was a dream….

Until six months back,

That day, while we were laughing on some stupid forwarded messages, Adisha started crying. This sudden change of emotion was beyond my understanding. I tried to console her but failed miserably.

Adi, I..” she was crying hysterically..

What happened baby?? Why are you crying?” I asked.

Adi, I.. I.. I cannot do this anymore.

What are you talking about??” I was confused, ” Listen, relax yourself, tell me, what’s the matter??

My father, he.. he.. got a transfer and we.. we.. we are shifting to Bangalore.” Now, she was sobbing.

So, what?? We can still continue, right?

No!! I can’t,” she answered.

But… How can you say this??

Let’s break up, ” saying this, she left.

That was the last day, last moment, I saw her, talked to her.. she left, just like that..

(To be continued….)


28 thoughts on “Lost Love ?

  1. Nice sharing Heena ji but I think life is more than someone’s love…
    Zindagi ik baar milti “Sagar”,
    Pyaar ka kya kahin na kahin kisi ka mil hi jaayega.!
    Muhabbat ko sab kuch na samjh,
    Zindagi ka safar jaise taise guzar hi jaayega.!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for your precious time and the way you expressed your views is unique and awesome. Indeed, a lovely shayari..
      But, life is not only about surviving. It’s about spreading love & happiness and meeting with your love & happiness. “Love” is not just an emotion, it’s a pillar that bound people together in a string..


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